Education in the Victorian Age


1. learn about the social and political events of the Victorian Age
2. learn about Victorian Respectability and Victorian Compromise
3. examine the main characteristics of fiction in the Victorian Age
4. learn about C. Dickens, his life and works
5. consider how the events of the period influenced his life and works
6. learn about education in the Victorian Age and how it is dealt with in C. Dickens' s Hard Times
7. compare views on education as they are presented in and in Hard Times
( activity in textbook)


As homework, find out important aspects concerning the Victorian Age and what is meant by Victorian Respectability and Compromise either using your textbook or Internet sites.
As a class activity, form groups of 3/4 people, show your mates what you have found out, compare your results with theirs and, together, complete the following
Click on the following link and find out about Charles Dickens and his life; then go to in order to learn more about Hard Times, its plot and characters.
Read the extract from the novel in your book (p. 218) and do the activities which will help you understand the text better.
As homework, prepare a class discussion about the "Lead out" section (p.220): write your opinion in the blog.

Consider the song Another brick in the Wall and think what aspects of contemporary education Pink Floyd criticize in it.
Do you know any other novels/songs/movies which deal with education? Write a short essay about it.
Class activity: create a billboard and write all your opinions, favourite quotes, or whatsoever about education.

What students are expected to be able to do

1. illustrate the main socio-political events of the Age
2. explain what was meant by Victorian Respectability and Compromise
3. give information about C. Dickens's life and works and explain how his life and works were affected by the historical period he
lived in
4. illustrate the idea of education as expressed in Hard Times
5. discuss about education starting from a novel/song/movie.