Elizabethan Drama

Learning Objectives

1. develop ability to analyse a dramatic text;
2. find themes of a play;
3. recognize main features of a play;
4. distinguish main characteristics of a tragedy, comedy and historical play;
5. learn about plot and main characters in a tragedy by W. Shakespeare;
6. analyse the poetic language of a text;
7. provide and motivate a personal response to a text.


1. illustrate the origins of English drama (documentary)
2. illustrate drama in Renaissance England;
3. introduce W. Shakespeare and his works
4. introduce Romeo and Juliet;
5. read and analyse the Prologue;
6. watch the Prologue from movies, i.e. Romeo + Juliet and Shakespeare in Love;
7. read and analyse the Balcony Scene.
8. introduce Hamlet;
9. read and analyse the soliloquy (Act3 sc.1)
10.watch Shakespeare in Love and look for quotations from Shakespeare's works; place them in a meaningful context.

What students are expected to be able to do

1. illustrate origins of English drama and features of Elizabethan drama;
2. tell the story of Romeo and Juliet; explain imagery in the Balcony Scene;
3. tell the story of Hamlet; explain literary and language devices in the soliloquy;
4. explain the themes found in the plays; explain and contextualize famous quotations.


A. activities from textbook;
B. prepare an essay about the idea of beauty both as it appears in Romeo and Juliet and nowadays;
C. choose some quotes from Hamlet and explain them