Poetry in the Middle Ages

G. Chaucer

Learning Objectives.

1. develop an understanding of the effect of history on British literature;
2.understand major cultural, religious, political influences of a given period or culture;
3. understand the role of women in the Middle Ages;
4. understand the functions of pilgrimages
5.recall the historical events that shaped Middle English from Old English;


introduce G. Chaucer (1h.)
warm-up: ask about pilgrimages (1h.)
introduce Canterbury Tales, their structure - frame story and historical context (1h.)

">Canterbury Tales
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Ask students to write a summary of Canterbury Tales using the following Wordle

present the general prologue 2h

introduce the characters (1h.)

read and analyse the "Wife of Bath" (2h.)
read and analyse "The Knight" (2h.)

Topics for discussion

from pilgrimage to tourism - activities on textbook (3h.)
situation of women in the M.A. as it appears from the text (2h.)

What students are expected to be able to do

Illustrate the historical context. Talk about T. Beckett.

Illustrate the structure of Canterbury Tales. Explain the symbolism of the journey
Illustrate the main events in G. Chaucer's life.
Explain lines from the texts that have been read
Summarise texts that have been read
Explain the situation of women in the M. A.
Compare medieval pilgrimages with today's tourism


A. Use activities from textbook;
B. Prepare an interview for G. Chaucer who has just come back from the pilgrimage
C. Interview the Wife of Bath/ the Knight;

D. In groups make up a story you might tell during a journey. ( act. in textbook