Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plan


1. develop ability to analyse a dramatic text;
2. find themes of the play;
3. recognize main features of the play;
4. highlight the characteristics of a tragedy in the play;
5. learn about plot and main characters in the play;
6. analyse the poetic language in the play;
7. provide and motivate a personal response to the play.

You will be first introduced to the play in a general way. We will create a billboard which will be a sort of diary which we will update while reading the play. You will be able to paste favourite quotations, your thoughts, but also pictures or lyrics of songs that you think might relate to what we are reading.
We will then work on the Prologue and the main aspects it presents: astrology and fate, parents and children relationship, love, hate and death. We will see how the prologue has been realized in two movies Shakespeare in Love and Romeo + Juliet ( which I really find amazing!)
I have then prepared which might be helpful.
We will then concentrate on some parts and we will analyse the language in many different aspects

What will you be asked to do?

Of course all the boring activities from your textbook;
Then you will prepare an essay about the idea of beauty both as it appears in Romeo and Juliet and nowadays, ( you will be able to use pictures from magazines or any other material you might think proper)
Finally you will have to choose some quotes from the play and explain them. As said before, you will be able to match them with lyrics from songs.

Any suggestions will be welcome!!!