The Theme of the Double


1. find examples of "Doppelganger"
2. find similarities and differences in works which present the same themes
3. analyse prose texts
4. discuss people's fascination with evil


Use your textbook to find out about the "doppelganger" myth.
Click on the link to find out more about R.L.Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Read the text in your book from the novel and do the activities that help you analyse it. Part of the activities will be your homework.
Imagine you are a journalist who's going to write an article about Dr. Jekyll's experiment. Use the following
and feel free to personalise it.

Read here about O. Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Read the text in your book and do the activities. Analyse the newspaper article on page 241 and complete the chart , then do the activities in the section "Task".

Consider now the two novels you have studied and find out similarities and/or differences. Use the following

Do you know any other novels/poems/movies which deal with the theme of the double? As homework, prepare a short essay you will read in class.

What students are expected to be able to do

1. Illustrate the "Doppelganger" myth
2. Summarize the novels and explain the excerpts that have been analysed
3. Discuss about the characters in the novels
4. Illustrate similarities and/or differences in the works they have studied
5. Discuss why evil may have a great appeal for people