Hotel facilities

In this Unit you will learn: a. how to classify a hotel
b. how to describe a hotel and the facilities it offers
c. how to compare hotels
d. how to read a text which describes a hotel
e. how to find out relevant information concerning hotels in a
tourist guide
f. how to write an article to describe a hotel


We will start of course from your textbook. First we will get acquainted with the appropriate vocabulary, then we will learn how to distinguish between, let's say, a two-star hotel and a four-star hotel. Do you know that also mirrors play an important role here? We will then read about a fabolous hotel in London which costs £ 5,287,50 per night!!! Fancy a weekend there? Then we will find out which are the best hotels in Berlin and finally we will analyse the situation in our town: how many hotels are there? How are they classified? You will be asked to look for information on the net and then write an article about it for a travel magazine.
You will be able to take wonderful pictures to make your article more attractive!