Learning Objectives.
1. read and analyse a selection of poems of different historical periods about women
2. examine how women are presented in the works which have been read
3. consider and analyse some paintings of the different periods which present women
4. find out similarities and/or differences between poems and paintings
5. understand the role of women in the Middle Ages
6. appreciate how a woman is described in an anti-petrarchan sonnet
7. analyse the female condition in the Victorian Age
8. discuss the relationship between women and advertising
9. analyse the images of female identity promoted by the media

Read and analyse “The Wife of Bath” from the General Prologue of G. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Read and analyse W. Shakespeare’s sonnet n. 130; discuss the type of beauty which is celebrated in the sonnet and the way in which the theme of love is dealt with

Read and analyse Christina Rossetti’s “In an Artist’s Studio” and discuss about the problem of representation. Think of the way female identity is promoted by the media. Do you think women today identify with such images? Discuss about it